PFIS - Pharma Folding Inspection & Serialization

PFIS – Pharma  Folding Inspection & Serialization from MJR Vision offers unique functionality for processing folded and glued pharmaceutical leaflets, inserts, and outserts.  Working on-line with Pharmaceutical Folder, outserts are delivered to Hugger - Forming unit, then into iCure – Curing Station, and then to ICU – Inspection Control Unit where several functions are performed to every outsert to completely eliminate human error.
Complete inspection and serialization allows this system to work as a conductor between on-line Pharmaceutical Folder and any post-processing system such as PiggyBack or others.
The  modularity of the system allows a combination of various components to be assembled into a system for a customer specific application.
HuggeriCureICUDivertOn-Edge StackerHugger | DivertHugger | Divert | Stacker


MJR Hugger is an intelligent unit designed to square out and register freshly glued outserts. It can be installed in various and final stages of folding process where glue is applied to complete a formation of the finished booklet.
Hugger’s slim form design is specifically targeted for a limited real estate area between the last Knife Folder and Pressing Unit or between other units where alignment and squareness is required.
Hugger’s design incorporates several individually driven servo motors, sensors and touch screen HMI. The speed of the unit is selected to be automatically adjusted to the speed of folding system. The communication of Hugger includes timing information of the outserts exiting the unit, the speed synchronization and automatic stops and restart from the post-processing modules.


MJR iCure is an intelligent curing station (patent pending) designed to automatically accept folded and glued outserts from folding system for storing these outserts under pressure and feeding these outserts to the post-processor after each outsert is completely cured.
Servo-driven front and back plates control the operation from start to finish. The speed of the plates and the pressure are automatically adjusted for different types of outserts. The output feeder is automatically engaged after a predefined number of outserts enters the system. Communication between pre-processor and post-processor controls timing information of incoming and outgoing outserts.


MJR ICU – Inspection Control Unit is the heart of Pharma Folding Inspection System. It comprises a vacuum driven transport that allows a complete inspection of outserts without interference from the upper belt.
Equipped with artificial intelligence, cameras provide reliable detection algorithm that factors in individual product differences, imaging environments, and backgrounds. Imaging technology of AI cameras includes a built-in a high-performance lens and proprietary lighting.
Using a combination of optimized brightness and focus provides a clear representation of the outsert as a target workpiece.
AI camera verifies quality of the folds from different edges as well as providing measurements of outserts.
Simply register an OK product and an NG product to automatically configure the optimal settings.
With no user-based variations to worry about, stable detection can be ensured for all users.


Serialization and barcode verification is available as an option in ICU – Inspection Control Unit.
The inkjet printer applies unique serialization number to each outsert for Track and Trace capability.
The wide range of adjustment for variable positioning of the printhead will accommodate accurate placement of serial numbers on folded and completely cured outserts. The serial number can be printed almost anywhere on the outsert and can be positioned horizontally or vertically. The ICU high speed capabilities and crisp printing allow for perfect serialization in Pharma applications.
At speeds in excess of 10,000 pieces per hour the ICU is more than qualified to produce high efficiency prints.
The barcode camera verifies the expected order of any numerical series, detects duplicates and missing numbers, and matches serial numbers to inkjet data.


MJR Divert provides means of separating of NO-GOOD outserts from successfully processed ones. Rejection process is setup in job parameters and is determined by any camera of ICU.
Rejection criteria specified in camera parameters can include the following tools:
  • Not Glued
  • Fold Not Good
  • Invalid Measurements of overall Size
  • Skewed Angle of Delivery
  • Unreadable Barcode
  • Barcode Quality Below Standard
  • Missing or Double Serial Numbers
  • Barcode Read does not match Barcode Data
  • Area Darkness outside of the tolerance
  • Etc.


MJR On-Edge Stacker accumulates and vertically stacks successfully processed outserts.

Hugger | Divert

Combination of Hugger and Divert modules.

Hugger | Divert | Stacker

Combination of Hugger, Divert and Stacker modules