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Our innovation, development and production sites cover the East coast from New Jersey, North Carolina and to Florida. With over 30 years of experience, our team has a depth of knowledge and expertise that has surpassed many of our competitors. Our solutions include complete systems design, add-on to existing lines and much more. The number of patents credited to our R&D team bear witness to its expertise. These innovations have never been an end in themselves, but have always been pursued with the success of our customers in mind.
What sets us apart is our long-standing relationships with customers and our commitment to ensuring they succeed in the world of value-based operations.
Our management and employees do not just value quality – they live it.
This has allowed us to continuously improve our processes and ensure that our customers always have a competitive edge.


One Integrated Solution for Control & Automation

Building new machines for today’s smart environment requires sophisticated control and automation that can only be delivered through multiple solutions and components.
As all components must be integrated, selecting the right combination is crucial to the efficiency and success of any project.

One Integrated Solution

With one integrated solution comprising all related components, all programming and troubleshooting can be done at once, in an All-in-One software environment.
You benefit from a shorter learning curve, simplified workflow and easy integration and on-line support.


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