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universal MJR Controller

Universal MJR Controller with a choice of several different camera options make up the MJR Vision System.
Our systems can be expanded with inkjet and input and output devices.

Multiple systems can be linked, allowing control of any production environment.

MJR Vision cameras are optimized for the highest read-rates in challenging applications. Some advantages are omnidirectional code reading, extreme perspective code reading and reading of damaged, poorly printed or barcodes with quiet zone violations and reading through windowed envelopes. No matter what your production requirements may be, there is MJR Vision solution that fits your needs and budget.

The MJR AI Built-in Artificial Imaging technology specializing in GO/NO GO inspection results in stable detection in Pharma environment. It includes a built-in SVGA, a high-performance lens, and proprietary lighting.
Using a combination of optimized brightness and focus provides a clear representation of the target work piece.
Optimal detection settings using MJR AI. Simply register an OK product and an NG product to automatically configure the optimal settings. With no user-based variations to worry about, stable detection can be ensured for all users. Additional learning functions make it possible to handle variations such as individual product differences and environmental differences quickly. This greatly reduces downtime.
The MJR 40, the world’s smallest smart camera offers advanced capability with one platform for auto ID and inspection. Built with the highest-performance imaging engine in its class and housed in a rugged, compact case, the MJR 40 features on-board optics and processor, lighting, high-speed communications and an optional liquid lens autofocus. Modular hardware options are offered to complete any inspection configuration. The MJR 40 is paired with AutoVISION® software for barcode reading plus basic vision tasks like locate, count presence/absence, OCR, and more. • IP65/67-rated • true-industrial construction • Ethernet-capable
The MJR 2000 is easily installed for vastly improved reading range
and achieve even better reading stability.
With the MJR 2000 you can obtain an ultra-wide field of view,
at least twice as wide as conventional models.
A greater depth of field and longer range allows you to read as fast as the targets can move.
The MJR Spot provides simple, affordable, and reliable performance for quality inspection. With integrated LED lighting, lens cover, easy-to-use software, and easy integration with factory systems, MJR-Spot instantly delivers enhanced capabilities at a low cost of ownership. Its robust build quality with IP67 rating means Spot is at home in harsh industrial/wash down conditions.
No matter what you create on your production line, MJR Spot can help you improve quality, reduce scrap, and increase throughput.
The MJR 260 is your choice for fixed setups or limited spaces, offering industry-leading performance with patented code-reading technology, fast communication and superior optics.
• integrated lighting, camera, processor and communications.
• variable focus liquid lens technology eliminating the need to manually adjust the focus.
• up to 45 decodes per second.
• integrated laser aimer.
• straight or right-angled configurations to fit into the tightest spaces.

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