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We know that reliability is one of the most important aspects of your packaging processes. After all you want to spend all your time marking on your product not maintaining your packaging printers.
MJR Vision's solutions have proven time after time to be the most reliable and low-maintenance packaging printers available.

Eight solid reasons to Replace your CIJ Printer
  1. No Mess
  2. No Smell
  3. Zero maintenance
  4. Higher reliability
  5. Lower Costs
  6. Simple operation
  7. Lowered VOC’s
  8. Small Footprint

Package coding solutions from MJR Vision save our customers thousands of dollars every year.
Using thermal inkjet technology from HP means that every time you change a cartridge (and that's a 5-second operation), you are replacing your packaging printer's print head.
No planned maintenance, no expensive external companies visiting you, no specially trained employees.


Print Resolution

    600 dpi x 300 dpi                 250 feet per minute
    300 dpi x 300 dpi                 500 feet per minute
    Print Density                         User configurable

Printable Items

  • Items Lot Codes
  • Date/Expiry Date
  • s Shift Codes
  • Foreign Languages
  • Bitmaps/Logos
  • Fixed Text
  • User Inserts
  • Counters and Batch Numbers

Barcode Capability - Static: 87 Types;  Dynamic 9 Types

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