MJR-SM Specification

Multiple Camera Matching Control

  • Matching between multiple insert stations, envelope stations
    before, during
    and after turnover
  • Barcode selective inserts, no-seal, divert, zip break
  • Simultaneous multiple barcode processing: 1D, 2D, IMB
  • Pre-print and post-print matching verification
  • Verification by account or job number
  • Ascending and descending sequence control verification from
    every camera installed


Every Reader can be programmed for up 8 different types of barcode.
This eliminates the need for changing parameters or going through
lengthy settings when running jobs with different barcode types.

  • 1D: IMB, Postal, GS1 Databar, CODE39, ITF, Industrial 2of5, NW-7 (Codabar), CODE 128, GS1-128, CODE93, JAN,EAN/UPC, TriopticCODE39
  • 2D: DataMatrix, QR, MicroQR, PDF-417, MicroPDF, MaxiCode
  • OCR

Real Time Visual Presentation

  • Real time visual presentation of physical documents in the raceway
  • Highlighting functional components at the time of their activation
  • Displaying production numbers at all stations
  • Displaying all barcodes of stacked documents at specified location
    in raceway during run time or stop condition
  • Displaying cycling speed, read rate, matching or sequencing errors
    and other data

Job Statistics  

Job Statistics includes Date and Time stamp at every start and stop of each job. A
Run Time statistics and Read Rate data for every job is calculated and displayed for a current date and can be retrieved for any previous date of the month. Job Statistics files can be viewed by Job Explorer or emailed based on a programmed event.

Audit Trail with .xls files Reporting

The data for every document in the system is recorded and saved in the Database. This data can be exported to Excel file on the time base schedule or on demand using DataXport companion application.

Inkjet Output Control

  • Barcode data read by camera is parsed and delivered to Ink-Jet Database for a full name and address retrieval with each envelope.

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Job Setup (New, Edit, Delete)

Editing and saving multiple jobs minimizes operator setup time.

  • Individual Pocket Control Mode
  • Camera's presence and position anywhere on the inserter
  • Barcode match between different barcode types
  • Barcode selection of individual stations
  • Sequence control from all cameras
  • Printer setup
  • No-seal and divert setup for various error conditions
  • Stop control setup

Inserter Control

  • Intelligent Collation using each station auto-mode or barcode mode
  • Selective Inserts
  • Programmable Non-Stop mode

Sequential Start-up and Shutdown

Setting job parameters for each station into auto-mode or barcode mode
requires a presence of a document in the raceway before current station

Seamless Error Recovery
Recovering from error conditions such as no-read, no-match or no-sequence can be done through manual scan of individual camera or physically removing document from position and clearing that position on the display.

Job Simulation

Job Simulation is a valuable tool that allows a user to run complete or partial test of any job without printing or scanning any barcode. However, if the barcode is already printed a user can test it with camera’s endless scan and run the system in virtual mode to test all of the job parameters prior to running real job
Remote Operator Monitoring

Remote Operator Monitoring enables supervisor to use a PC to view the System Display and have full control of its operation.
Ethernet connection is required.


There are several levels of security protected by password. Different
password allows entering specific area of Job Setup Menus, Production
Statistics, Diagnostics, System Configuration, etc.

Switching MJR-SM power off will restore the inserter into its original condition as if it never had any modifications installed.