MJR Vision SecureMatchâ„¢

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  • Dual Camera/Reader System
  • Matching Control
  • Sequence Control for Missing or Double Detection
  • Real Time Visual Presentation
  • Selective Stations Control for 6 Stations Inserter
  • Sequential Start-up and Shutdown
  • Multiple Jobs Setup with variable Camera/Reader Positions
  • Programmable Stop Control
  • Programmable No-Seal and Divert on Error Conditions
  • Manual Scan for Error Recovery
  • Production and Read Rate Statistics by Job
  • Security Level Protection
  • Complete Job Simulation
  • Remote Operator Monitoring
  • Diagnostic Tools


  • Feeder/Folder Interface Control
  • Total Up to 4 Cameras/Readers (1D, 2D, IMB, OCR)
  • Read and Print Module (see features in MJR-RP)
  • Audit Trail with .xls file Reporting
  • Variable System Configuration