MJR Vision SecureMatch

Our dual camera/reader system assures your customers of secure collation of  personalized documents and matching envelopes. SecureMatch is designed to be installed on mailing inserters such as Bell+Howell, Mailcrafters, Inserco, FlowMaster, etc. Expandable to multiple cameras or an Inkjet printer. It is easily configurable to your specific application to maximize the integrity of your mailing operation.  


 MJR Vision AddressJet

The AddressJet provides a variety of options and applications that fit your company's specific needs, while giving you the opportunity to expand and further develop your printing capabilities. It allows you to exceed your previous printing capacity, inks that will print on virtually any substrate, and software that puts full control at your fingertips.

MJR Vision Read and Print

Camera/reader system controls an inkjet operation through reading and indexing database for personalized printing. It is configurable for matching, sequencing or post print verification functions. 

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