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MJR Flowmaster is a completely redesigned legendary Pitney Bowes Inserter.
New MJR Vision electronics and software streamline the inserting operation from start to finish.
By adding available options such as  cameras and inkjet printer to any existing machine offers
an inexpensive  alternative for creating a wide-range of intelligent solutions.


Whether you're looking for the most economical solution or most advanced system integrations on the market, we have the solution for you!
Multi-Feeder Collator.
We specialize in simple-to-complex system integrations for collating, kitting, batch counting, and everything in between! No one can offer you a better collating solution for your application and your budget - We Guarantee It! ​  All system setups are highly versatile and can easily be integrated with new or existing processes such as camera/inspection systems, inkjet printing, wrappers/sealers, banders, cartoners, strappers, and more. View standard solutions below or contact us to speak with a solution specialist about your application.


Versatile print and camera solution

The Feeder-Printer-Camera (FPC) allows integration of print and camera systems capable of printing
barcodes, human readable, graphics, pdf and more, all at print resolution of up to 600 dpi.
With highly adaptable smart camera for Read & Print for Double Side printing or Print & Verify
for Track and Trace you will exceed your previous printing capacity, inks that will print on virtually
any substrate, and software that puts full control at your fingertips;

The very foundation of the FPC print solution is thermal inkjet technology (TIJ). It offers ready-to  run, high-resolution, variable data digital printing systems designed with high-performance, low
maintenance and cost effectiveness in mind. Whether printing variable or fixed data in Mailing &
Addressing, Web, or Package Printing industrial applications, MJR Vision has the solution.
FPC presents itself as an all-inclusive specialty print system.

MJR SecureMatch™

Camera Matching for FlowMaster and Swing-Arm inserters

The Cure for Dumb Inserters. OK, let's be politically correct: not dumb, but intelligence-challenged inserters. With a simple installation, this can be fixed with MJR Viision SecureMatchSystem. The system reads 1D, 2D, IMB or OCR to guarantee documents end up in the correct envelope. Standard 2 to 4 camera system can be expended even further to assures your customers secure collation of personalized documents and matching envelopes.
SecureMatchis designed to be installed on mailing inserters such as FlowMaster, Bell+Howell, Mailcrafters, Inserco,  etc. It can be installed on collators, book makers and other type of accumulating equipment. It can also accommodate selective inserts andan Inkjet printer with Read & Print Mode.
It is easily configurable to your specific application to maximize the integrity of your operation.

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