Discover the benefits of simple and intelligent solutions for your secure mailing and printing needs.

Integrity Control at Your Fingertips

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MJR Vision has taken advantage of exciting developments in touch screen and process control technologies to design a simple and inexpensive camera and inkjet control package for mailing and printing operations.

MJR Vision SecureMatch converts an inefficient  mailing inserter into a sophisticated intelligent inserting system. Camera matching between documents and envelopes enhances integrity of your outgoing mail process.

MJR Vision  AddressJet™  uses origins stemming from HP thermal inkjet technologies. There's never a need to ask if it performs; only how it can perform for your specific application. 

MJR Vision Read and Print provides personalization and security for your printing operation by adding matching, database look-up and post print verification functions.


MJR products can be installed by a qualified service professional or your local mailing equipment distributor. The installation process takes literally only a few hours.